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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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razor wire fence. ♪ ♪ hello, and welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha, i am elizabeth puranam. also ahead. israel's prime minister sends more to the al action c al-aqsa. while this group of women in the u.s. are walking 100 miles to
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washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ dozens of refugees have arrived at the croatian border in search i a po a potential now route in to western europe. on tuesday hungary impressed strict new border controls and erected a fence to control the flow of asylum seekers forcing refugees stranded in serbia to find other routes in to the european union. german chancellor angela merkel is calling for an emergency e.u. meet on this refugees crisis but europe remains divide odd the issue you, austria is the latest country to introduce restrictions a long the border with hungary. following germany which already brought in border controls on its eastern frontier, slovakia started pot checks at its crossings with hundred gar and i
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austria filing it can be a new transit point. and hunry shut the main land route for refugees in to the e.u. and finished building a fence along the board we are serbia and declared a state of emergency there. protests are continuing at the border which has effectively been shut for all refugees since monday night. hundreds of people spent the night out in the open on the railway line. let's move to other news now and israel's mine perimeter is considering tougher penalties for people who throw stones at security fors coming days after fighting between palestinians and israeli security forces in the mosque in occupied east jerusalem. the site is considered holy by muslims, jews and christians for muslim it's their third holiest site after mecca in saudi arabia a. jews call it the temple mount because of the jewish tim approximately that stood there
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in lib lickal times it's the holiest site in judaism. and palestinians feel israel will change the rules which allow juice to visit but not pray. >> reporter: for many worships this is the israeli security forces violating islam's third holiest site. for days they have mounted operations against palestinians inside the mosque. tensions also spread to jerusalem's old city. israeli army media is reporting that hundreds of extra officers will be sent to jerusalem on we understand. senior palestinian officials are warning the violence has the potentially to escalate further. >> it's extremely dangerous because the extremists on the israeli side have been supported by the israeli occupying authority and their security forces, including some ministers. and trying to change, you know, the situation and the status quo
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on the compound of the al action that mosque. >> reporter: the al-aqsa compound is considered hole toy muslims, jews and christians. jews are allowed to visit the plaza around the al-aqsa mosque on the eve of the jewish new year but they aren't allowed to pray within its walls think after an emergency cabinet meet on the ground tuesday, prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel was committed to maintaining the status quo, but also said palestinian youths would not be allowed to prevent jews from visiting. we will use all necessary mesh tower fight against those who throw stones, fire bombs, pipe box and fireworks. such actions will be met with very sharp punitive and preventive responses he said. hal stun vinnies say among the jewish groups to who enter the compound of settlers and far right jewish activists and this is what makes them angry. >> i am here standing on the ground make sure they don't
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desecrate the sanctity of the compound. you go you can sigh how the settlers come n they come here to provoke us and cause sabotage, they hit the women praying here too. >> reporter: associates media reports that the israeli prime minister is manning to visit the mosque have been denied bys spokesman the last time a high-profile poll fiction visited the site watts in 2000 when aerial sharon was the leader of the opposition. it was an action that sparked off the second palestinian uprising. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> let's go to stephanie deck are now, she's joining us live from th jerusalem. >> reporter: it's been calm. there was a small incidents in the last hour or so where we are told one or two of the jewish visitors tried to play the security guards stopped them.
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scurry forces came in and there is a small scuffle. but relatively speaking compared to the last three days, this is quiet here. and, of course, as we heard in victoria's package we had that cabinet meeting from the israeli government last night. they were clear to say that the spinal minister said that he had no intention on changing the status quo. at the compound. this is important, because as we heard, this is what concerns palestinians, muslims all across the world, being, that it is also a very holy site to jews and there has been a movement, not just now, this has gun going on for the past year or so that they want to have prayer access to what they call temple mount. that is the. [ inaudible ] what palestinians and muslims call it. and because this is important, we have also had stopping words from the george tape vinnies this is something that the israeli prime minister takes very seriously they said if the violence continues we'll have to reassess our relations with israel, jordan is the staunches alley. they have a peace treaty last
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year when this was a similar situation things were calmed down and we picture the prime minutminister to calm things do, extra police throughout jerusalem, but this morning things are calm. >> thank you very much. stephanie. steph astefanie dekker monitorie situation from east jerusalem. let's go back to the refugees crisis. joe ham he had jamjoon is joining us live in serbia with the border of hungary. what is the situation there. we can see pictures, earlier we could of tents put up, people milling around. >> reporter: yeah, he liz belt we are actually here between border crossings between the border crossing in to serbia. between the border crossing in to hungary. as you can see behind me, there are hundreds of refugees here, there are tents that are put
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the. i have spoken to syrian refugees here who are saying that they are demanding to try to get in to hungary. but that they have not been able to. they are not being allowed in to up gare. just a few moments ago we heard chanting going on behind in at the border crossing. dozens of refugees staging effectively a peaceful protest asking once more that the government lets them in. let them pass through hungary so they can get in to austria and go on from there in to germany. that is the preferred defamation of most of the refugees that we have been speaking with the past few days, in serbia today, the refugees we were talking to they just want to be able to leave. we know there have been buss in different parts of serbia that have taken refugees to the border with croatia so they can cross there and bypass hungary all towing. whether that migration pass will continue or increase it's unknown. but all revel gees are saying
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they have to find a way in to hungary or around up gary. several people i spoke with said they are willing to pay smugglers whatever price need to to either get in up gary or hunr around it to get to germany. >> the hungarian prime minister are sega sigh lu saying asylum l be denied. what are the refugees that you speak to, how do they feel about that. >> reporter: everybody i have spoken with says that they just can't understand the stance that the hungarian government has taken towards them. they are worried about applying to asylum in serbia because it's considered a safe country, they don't believe they'll be able to leave after that. they don't want to apply for it in up gary base they don't want to be stuck there. but at the same time, they are trying to get in to up gare.
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and everybody i have spoken with in the past few days have said they don't understand why the hungarian government is effectively not letting them enter or when they are in hungary making it difficult for them to get out of hungary. so it's a very confused situation. the fact that the e.u. hasn't been able to come to any kind of consensus agreement, when it comes to dealing effectively with this refugees crisis really weighing heavily on the refugees who have on him so far and are concerned to get further in to europe because they have escaped many of them death and destructs back home and they just want to have a safer future. >> mohamed from berzee a. thank you very much for that update, thank you. the owners of a crane that collapse million dollars the muslim holy city of mecca in saudi arabia have been banned from taking on new building problems, top officials of bin laden group have also been barred from traveling abroad while' investigation takes place, more than 100 people were
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killed after a crane fell in to a section of the grand mosque, from mecca owe lahr al saleh reports. >> reporter: one of the world's biggest construction companies have been banned from doing business in saudi arabia. the orders were swift and tough from the king. suspendal all of the contracts and licenses for the bin laden group. it was the main contractor for the multi billion dollars expansion project. at the holiest side the grand mosque in mecca. on friday a massive crane fell on the eastern side of the mosque killing 107 pilgrims and wounding more than 200. an initial investigation blamed the ups did he want partly on high winds, but also negligence and misuse of the massive equipment. it is the busiest time of year for saudi arabia. millions of muslim pilgrims are expected today arrive here. the bin laden group was established in 1931, five years after saudi arabia itself was founded. >> reporter: it handles multi
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billion dollars projects in the kingdom including the $7 billion expanse of king's international airport. and internationally its projecs included airports as well as hotels and universities elsewhere. the owners enjoyed influence and became close to the government. but saudi arabia got a new king last year and a new ahead minute straying took power. this is a big blow for the bin laden group and could be worse the finance ministry is reviewing all of the their contracts in the kingdom meaning it could lose big money and reputation. coming up in the bullpen, what to expect from a u.n. report on crimes during sri lanka's long civil war. and as brazil's economy on the brink? we hear from the young workers who fear the lack of jobs will only get worse.
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>> as the global refugee crisis intensifies... >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> and the e.u. struggles to cope... >> we don't know, they stop us here. >> what's being done while lives hang in the balance? >> we need help now. ♪ good to have you with us, i am he liz pebble puranam in doha. these are the top stories on al jazeera. dozens of refugees have arrived at the croatian border searching for a new route in to western europe. hungary introduced strict new border controls on tuesday forcing refugees strapped ed in serbia to find other routes in to the e.u. israel's prime minister is considering tougher penalties for people who throw stoned as security forces. coming after days of fighting
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between palestinians and israeli security forces armed the al action that mosque in occupied east gentleman ruse ledge. owners of a complain that collapse ed in mecca have been banned from taking on new building projects for the ding come. morning 100 people remember killed when the crane fell in to a section of the grand mosque. later this hour the u.n. is publishing a report on the sri lankan war. on monday columbo announced planned for its own reconciliation commission. >> reporter: when the army defeated the ltte otherwise known as the tamil tiring in 2009. it end aid bitter civil war that lasted more than 25 year old, ever since accusations from human rights groups that war crimes were committed by both side. the then president always maintained that he was fighting terrorist a term he used for the
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tamil tigers. but the united nations report found 40,000 ethnic veil vinnies were killed in the army as offense itch. on wednesday the u.n. human rights council delivers the results of its investigate. it's already said the findings are of the most serious nature. the reports expected to call for a judicial process backed by international monitor that his could immaterial complicate senior officials the president who question feeted him in january has made tentative steps towards reconciliation. >> by agreeing to couldn't and not fearing to cooperate also because they are not responsible for what happened in the past. i think sri lanka will benefit from this. we are going to open ourselves to the world. and we are also going to be able to get the support of the world in dealing with this problem. >> reporter: rights groupings say sri lanka failed to stoppages accident of torture against minority tamil civilians on monday in geneva the foreign
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minister announce aid plan to launch a truth and reconciliation commission similar to the one in post apartheid south africa. >> a constructional council. from all religions in this country and a structure composed of commissioners. but familiaral poll sixes want ant independent body involving international judges and it's far from certain that that will happen. al jazeera. canada has come under fire for not accepting enough syrians fleeing the war and that's become an issue in the ongoing general election campaign. daniel lack reports from toron toronto. >> reporter: more than just the images of his death. the news that his asylum application had been rejected
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bio fcial-s in on the ca helped galvanize the opinion here, demand on growing for more refugees to his be able to come. this brother and sister were among 50,000 vietnamese settled here they are leading the efforts to help people from syria. >> overall everybody that we have talked to have been very generous and know what they have gone through and they are willing to step up and really help out in our cause. >> try to help as much as we can for those who need help. that we have been through before. >> reporter: for the first time ever, refugees policy is becoming an election issue since coming to power in 2006, stephen harper's conservative government has tightened rules, fewer people have been grant ahead sigh lum. op six parties say they have restored canada's reputation as a haven for the world's repressed people by immediately approving thousands more syrian
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am games. uniquely canada loss groupings and private individual to his sponsor refugees allowing hundreds of thousands of them to be settle in the past. now potential sponsors lining up to be allowed to get more syrians to come here. most of the 2,000 or so syrians approved for resettlement so far were privately response soared. but the list of those now willing to put up money and guarantee a refugees family, is growing. >> it's a ward in the city. it's a big employer in a big tower do you want here, it's the entire legal community getting together and saying we as a legal community want to response soar, went to helpful went to support. >> reporter: faced that demand the government says it's making changes, canada will make it easier to vettel people from syria soon. more officials may be deployed to the middle east to process application, although no details have been released. activists for refugees rights remain skeptical. >> when the government under the pressure of an election campaign
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makes declarations aura announcements about what it is doing or what it will do, there is reason for concern that these lex promises may be disingenuous. >> reporter: a lodge with indigenous people canada is a country of immigrants and refugees. many here hope more syrians can become part of the growing diversity that most canadians view with pride. daniel lak, al jazeera, toronto. thousands of mostly ethnic malaise have marked in support of the government in the malaysian capital. dignity up riding is in response to last month's protests against the prime minister. he is facing increasing demands to step down over a corruption scandal. hard liners are accusing the ethnic chinese mind or at this of driving the demonstrations but problem they want malaise werprom 90 malaise were part of. donald trump has become the front runner in the race to
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become the presidential nominee in the u.s. next year. the controversial business man delivered a speech on national security and foreign policy ahead of a republican presidential debate. alan fisher reports from san pedro, california. >> reporter: he's the man who generates most coverage, support, controversy. donald trump came to california to talk national security but it was his words on immigration that provoked protests. there are people here who have paid up to a thousand dollars a ticket to hear donald trump speak. just a few meters away there are does end of protesters who are angry at his mess only ill gracious and they are determined to drowned him out and for the most part they are succeeding for a speech heavily promoted there was little of substance it was again promises of things to come and donald trump saying how good donald trump is at everything as left the statement i stopped the leader in recognize can race for a quick
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question. mr. trump, al jazeera, what would you say to foreign governments, to people in a foreign countries who would be scared i've trim the presidency? >> i don't think anybody will be scared. we'll run things properly. >> reporter: in the crowd some liked what he said. but weren't sure he had their vote. >> our military is depleted so badly, and i agree with him, we need to do something about it. >> reporter: has he got your vote? >> at the moment, i am still on the fence. >> it was good, he's kind of stood on old topics but i like what i heard. >> reporter: has he got your vote? >> of course. >> reporter: as the trump of supporters left there were shouted exchange with those who oppose his immigration stance. a sign of how donald trump commons loyalty of how divisive it can be. alan fisher al jazeera, san pedro, california. u.s. technology company hewlett-packard says it's cut 30,000 worker globally preparation i've split no to two
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companies later this year, they have already announced 55,000 separate layoffs. it was once the biggest computer company in the world but it's trying to cut costs and enter new markets to bad falling we hands for its products. now, young people in brazil are taking extra mesh tours improve their chances of finding a job. after the government announced federal cuts this week in addition to the austerity, more taxes have been announced critics say the government needs to do more to cover next year's budget gap. virginia lopez reports. >> reporter: brazilians hoping to work in the public sector attend classes like these to get a head start on demanding tests that they need to pass before landing a job. for decades a job in brazil's government has meant stability and a handsome income. especially as a private sector contracted but following monday's federal government cuts getting hired by an already inflated public sector looks to some like yet another shattered
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dream. >> translator: it is a sad coincidence that i started this course today. just as the government announced cuts in public jobs. things here are getting more complicated and i am not sure what to do. my only option might be to move abroad. >> reporter: in addition to the cuts, a new set of taxes have also gone in to effect. members of brazil's cabinet say it's the only way to cover the close to $8 billion gap in next year's bumming et cetera. and set to yield over $17 billion in revenue. economic package is not pain free. young professionals and the poor are being hit the hardest and yet some some it's all too little too late. >> i am a little mes pessimistic because i think they are not enough cuts. we still have just based it on the increase of refugees news and taxes -- revenues and taxes like they we don't know if the
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ref knees will come. we have to have more cuts. i think the government will have lots of problem approving it from congress. some analysts doubt that the package will work. still others are fatalistic about previous gains for the poor being lost. >> translator: this government feels like a time bomb and then it blows up. the chain always brakes on the weakest link the poor are paying for the government's mistakes. >> reporter: the measured proposed on monday have yet to be approved by brazil apt embattled congress a further delay of the measures which for some have come late could prove cat strove i can. virginia lopez, al jazeera. egypt's foreign minister has written an open letter to the people of mexico expressing condolences for the accidental killing of its tourists on monday. describing the victims as innocent. they were treated they hospital
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and were visited by the prime minister. eight mexicans were killed in the western desert. the u.s. 100 women have begun a 100-mile march for washington, d.c. to attack attention to the plight of undocumented migrants. they will be on the road for eight days and will reach the u.s. capital when pope francis arrives for his visit. kristen saloomey reports. >> reporter: they gathered in prayer. at a place that has brought them pain a detention facility where undocumented migrants are held while waiting to be deported. pillar molina's husband was here for five months. >> no, i didn't visit him. he didn't want me to visible him. it was too emotional. >> reporter: she says he was caught trying to come back from mexico after his father's funeral and the u.s. government it still fight to go deport him. the children live with that fear. >> hoping to send out the
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message the need for immigration reform to stop separating families, to see how much it hurt us. it causes the burden that we have to go through. with this uncertainty. >> reporter: patricia rose's son was deported two year old ago shots she brought him as a small child for a beater future and she hasn't been back since. >> translator: i want to have my situation fixed so i can go back to my country i haven't seep my mother for 25 years and i want to had you gone her again. >> reporter: last year saw more than 30,000 immigrants in detention on any given day. and few opportunities to stay here legally. the women will be on the road for eight days. arriving in washington, d.c. at about the same time as the pope. there the pope will meet with president obama and members of congress and the women will hold a vigil. praying that the pope's message of compassion will help break the gridlock in washington, d.c.
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and lead to reforms for the immigration system. they are getting hepa long the way from catholic churches and others who believe the undocumented should be given a chance. >> jesus tells us to welcome a stranger. i have to challenge my pa rinseers and be challenged by by my from rinsers to be faith to feel jesus christ. we have to do for the good of our country. we have the most justice equitable immigration sit moment good of immigrants today who are the future of tomorrow. >> reporter: many of those facing deportation have children who were born in the united states. >> we don't believe that families should be separated and facing did h deportation, we bee that the pope can speak for president obama and the congress and let them know this country needs to treat immigrants in a different way. with dignity and respect. >> reporter: but it's not the pope they have to convince it's the americans that see migrants as a burden this country cannot afford. kristen saloomey.
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al jazeera, york, pennsylvania. just a reminer that you can always keep up-to-date with all the news on our website at that's currently leading with europe's refugees crisis. that and the rest of the day's news at


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